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Chimney Installation and Repair

We have a wide range of options to customize and install your fireplace, adding a unique and decorative element to your home or business. Our service allows you to safely install a fireplace in your home, taking care of its integrity, without causing inconvenience to some.

Roofing Services

We specialize in developing your roofing installation projects, with different materials and designs that are customized to the style of your home. We give you advice making the best recommendations to customize your project.


Brick structures are very strong but are vulnerable to damage over time. As the wall wears over time, the concrete or mortar between the bricks crumbles and weakens the wall. We evaluate your brick structures thoroughly to identify problems and restore them efficiently.

Stairs Installation

Whether you need an elegant spiral staircase or just a standard design, our technicians provide professional knowledge and courteous customer service at every step of your future stair installation project.

Walkway Installation

We design different walkways made of concrete or other materials, with designs that make your home stand out from the rest, we guarantee the best and most efficient installation service on time and on the established budget.


1 Fast Solution LLC's pre-construction and construction processes are designed to save our clients time and money and produce the best possible results. Our team is creative, flexible and ready to help at every stage, from design to project completion.

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Our Customers Say

Well these guys went above and beyond. I added a few extras and they certainly exceeded my expectations. I will call them again in the future. Hands down one of the most professional companies I have seen. Thanks for everything!

Kiwhi Leonard

Newark, NJ

I received an immediate response regarding my home's roof repair. The team was able to schedule an appointment as quickly as possible. 1 Fast Solution LLC ‚Äčis very professional and gave me a lot of confidence

Salman Ahmed

Newark, NJ

They were on time, they told me exactly what they were going to do and they did it within the time frame they gave me. My backyard and driveway look amazing. I just have high marks for them.!THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Mugli Leonard

Newark, NJ

- 1 Fast Solution LLC

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